Courses have been developed to fit the needs of our Clients.
Presently there are 3 Core Courses, 8 specialized electives, and 1 workshop.


The Core Curriculum consists of three courses based on the MaranGraphics Reference Books titled "Windows XP Illustrated", “Windows VISTA Illustrated”, and "Windows 7 Illustrated.  Clients will purchase the book corresponding to the Operating System they use on their PC.  Clients will gain an understanding of computer fundamentals, use of the mouse and keyboard.  Information management using the Window's filing system will be stressed.  Files for use in practicing file management techniques will be provided on a CD.  Personalization of the system will be covered along with demonstrations on using the PC as a Multi-Media device.  One of these courses is highly recommended as a prerequisite for taking the electives described below.

"Windows XP" is for clients who have the Windows XP operating system.  The course will cover Chapters 1,2,3,5, and 8 in detail.  Time permitting additional topics in other chapters will be introduced. 

"Windows VISTA" is for clients who have the Windows VISTA operating system.  Chapters 1, 2, 3, and 8 will be covered. The speed of the class and their consensus of interest will determine other items to learn.  Elective courses will cover material in other chapters

"Windows 7" is for clients who have the Windows 7 operating system.  The course will cover Chapters 1,2,3, and 8


It is strongly recommended that Clients complete either "Windows XP”, “Windows VISTA”, or "Windows 7" prior to taking electives.  There maybe exceptions where clients have had considerable experience with the material covered in the core courses.

"The Internet and The Web"   The features of Internet Explorer will be investigated.  The several Internet Service Areas will be discussed including, Forums, News Groups, Mailing Lists, Chat, and On-Line Commerce. Internet research using the latest combination of major online searching facilities will be covered.  Use will be made of exercises to familiarize clients with searching techniques.

"e-Mail"  course includes extensive instruction in the use of e-mail client programs used to handle and manage e-mail.  Clients will learn how to establish an e-mail account following instructions provided by their Internet Service Provider (ISP).  Both types of e-mail accounts will be discussed (POP3 and Web Accounts).  Each client will set up an POP e-mail account with a class supplied address and password.  Clients will send messages to each other with attached and embedded files. 

“Basic Digital Photography” (NEW) This course will explore how to enjoy your digital camera. Class participants will discuss taking interesting photographs and downloading the images to a computer. Locating and organizing the pictures once they are on the computer will be covered. Inexpensive and free software will be utilized to edit, email, print and make back up copies of the pictures. Class participants are encouraged to bring a digital camera to class. Lots of pictures will be taken during the classes. (NEW)

"Computer Graphics / Photo Graphics" Working with Photographs is stressed. The "Paint" program furnished with the Windows Operating Systems and Corel’s "Paint Shop Pro" will be used. Working with layers will be emphasized. Attention will be given to restoration of old photos.  Two classes will be devoted to Windows Live Movie Maker and burning DVDs. 

"Word Processing”   This course teaches most of the features of the MS Word 2010 program.  Use will be made of exercises (hands on) to explore these features.  This course is for clients who enjoy the art of writing.  Most text editing software available today has many advanced features.  MS Word has set many standards in the word processing field.  The information handling features of Word are extensive.  As many of these features as possible will be covered in the eight classes.  The course will be paced by the abilities of the majority of the class. 

"Spreadsheets"   This course uses MS Excel 2010.  It is for anyone who desires to keep records of all types.  Spreadsheets are the accountants "work horse".  This course will cover many of the features of the software, including using it to create charts and graphs.  The features available for data analysis along with printing financial records will be covered.  Summary sheet and cross referencing between sheets within a work book will be discussed.  Use will be made of exercises (hands on) to explore these features.

"Computer Security and Maintenance" is a course to be taken after the materials presented in the core courses have been absorbed in the elective courses.  The instructor follows the lead of the class.  Questions are answered and discussed. The course provides insight for taking care of and maintaining a PC.  Security measures are discussed.  The "Help and Support" section on the operating system will be covered along with the features of the Control Panel. (This course should not be considered unless you have completed one of the Windows core courses and have had experience using the information studied.)

Please note:  Course scheduling depends on client need and instructor availability.  Not all courses will be offered every term.

EXTRA COURSES as Requested

“Open Office”   is a Open Source software program which emulates MS Office’s suite of tools. 

"Workshop for Publishing Personal Web Pages" Share your wisdom and lifetime experiences with family and friends

The CLC's Mission Statement is... "To provide understanding of and access to Computer Technologies to allow older citizens to share their knowledge and wisdom with others."  It is the goal of the CLC staff volunteers to provide you this opportunity. 

Note:  A CD containing supplemental material for individual study and practice exercises is provided for most courses.  The clients are expected to work these exercises and practice outside of class.



August 21, 2011