The Computer Learning Center

A component of the Huntsville-Madison Senior Center

2200 Drake Ave SW, Huntsville, AL 35805

(256) 513-8293 or


Basic Information (January 2019)


The Computer Learning Center operates two computer classrooms at the Huntsville-Madison Senior Center.

·      Classes begin about every six weeks.

·      The schedule is posted on the CLC homepage at

·      Classes meet for 2 hours twice a week for four weeks.

·      Fees are $40 per course.

·      Instructors are volunteers.

·      All course materials will be supplied by the CLC at no additional cost.



Core Courses


The Core Curriculum consists of a course based on the current Microsoft Windows Operating Systems, Windows 10. This is the latest Microsoft Operating System released in July 2015 which combines popular features of previous Windows 7 and 8.1 operating systems including the former Desktop look and a new Internet Browser called Edge. All new computers purchased at retail stores will have Windows 10 installed. Clients will gain an understanding of computer fundamentals including the use of a mouse and keyboard, settings and the Windows filing system.


Elective Courses 


We recommend participants complete either the Windows 10 Operating System course prior to taking elective courses. Exceptions may be made when clients have experience with the material covered in the core courses.


Digital Photography: This course will explore how to enjoy your digital camera.

·      Clients will discuss the techniques of taking interesting photographs. Clients are encouraged to bring a camera to class.

·      How to download pictures to a computer and organize the image using free software will be taught.

·      Software for completing basic editing of digital pictures is included.


Creative Digital Photography: Clients will use the free software program for extensive classroom practical exercises in Creative digital photo editing. If you have had the basic digital Photography class or have knowledge and experience editing digital photos, this is the class for you.

 Computer Security and Maintenance: This course provides insight for handling Maintenance and security issues in a personal computer.

·    Security measures will be discussed and procedures for malware removal will be

presented. Information on free software for protection and cleaning computer will be provided.       

·      Computer update, imaging and hardware issues will be discussed.


 IPAD (Apple): This course consists in defining the uses of the Apple IPAD, Settings, finding  

       and installing APPS, locating and using the audio and video features, browsing the

       Internet with SAFARI browser and setting bookmarks, taking photos and storage of            

       digital photos and establishment of e-mail accounts. Students are required to have an Apple IPAD      

       and bring to class sessions along with their Apple ID PASSWORD.    


Internet and E-Mail:  This course consists of discussion and use of the Window 10 Internet Browser, Microsoft EDGE, as well as the previous version, Internet explorer (IE) 11. Also discussed are other Browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox and Opera. Class exercises will include searching the internet for specific topics of interest, setting Favorites to speed up future searches plus copying and pasting information from the internet to Word format and storing in My Documents or Pictures. E-Mail will cover the set up and use of the on-board Microsoft 10 “Windows Mail” Post Office Protocol (POP) mail system. Important use of E-Mail for attaching photos and documents stored in your computer will be discussed and demonstrated.